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Micro Weft Extensions Course


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Learn all about Micro Weft Extensions. You’ll receive the latest tips and instructions to become a beaded pro!

Micro Weft Extensions are installed by attaching the wefts and inserting tiny sections of both your client’s natural hair and hair extensions through silicone beads. It provides a great amount of coverage. This method provides easy removal and reapplication to the client’s hair. Perfect for someone with thick hair that wants full coverage of their natural hair. This application method can be used with other methods and can be customized to reflect the density for fine hair types.

In addition to your one-day training session, you will also receive

  • Your own Braids Brains and Beauty (BBB) manual
  • Certificate of completion
  • All materials and tools
  • BONUS Business kit that includes secrets on how to make $1k monthly.

This will allow you to start your business right away! Whether you have a home-based hair extensions business or work in a salon, we will provide all the necessary information + training for you to succeed!

Funding opportunities for those who qualify! – Apply here

Please select In Class or Virtual session option to see available dates for them.



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I’m so glad I took this course! I can now charge for my braiding services and feel more confident.

Julia, Toronto

I love being able to find just the right education for my textured-hair clients.

Shauna, New York

I have no words on how happy I am learning the skills and knowledge shared by Marie

Katie, Vancouver


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