The Boss Lady Kit ™

The Boss Lady Kit (TM) is a technical hands-on certification course that teaches natural hair styling techniques for those interested in starting in the beauty industry and have some experience braiding, locking or weaving hair. We partner with community organizations that support under represented communities in Canada.

We  offer a virtual program that teaches your clients the art and science of hair braiding as well as the skills to work in a salon environment. Those who qualify will receive the kit and certification and will be able to work in a salon environment if they are selected by one of our partnering hair salons.

Your clients will receive all the necessary training and tools to become more independent and gain employable and entrepreneurial skills. These skills will prepare them for a new career in the natural hair industry in Ontario. We work with women who are in need of assistance to change their current financial barriers. We work with community organizations whose clients come from under represented communities, women who are starting new from homelessness or victims of partner abuse.

We currently offer a four week virtual self-study program that will cover all aspects of professional natural hair styling that include skills such as:

Braiding cornrows, single box braids and twists.

Weaving hair extensions and installing wigs.

Locking hair for men and women.

Once your clients successfully completes the program; a certificate of completion and a work card will be sent by email.

If you are interested in a  virtual information session, please click on the link below to book a zoom meeting with Marie Petigny, owner of Braids Brains & Beauty, Inc.

Book your 15-minute phone or zoom meeting to see if this program would suit some of your clients. Click here.



I’m so glad I took this course! I can now charge for my braiding services and feel more confident.

Julia, Toronto

I love being able to find just the right education for my textured-hair clients.

Shauna, New York

I have no words on how happy I am learning the skills and knowledge shared by Marie

Katie, Vancouver